How to apply fake tan properly.

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Having problems applying fake tan??? Is your fake tan gone streaky in places??? Especially on the elbow's, knees and ball's of your feet??? And ankle area???

Here is a few tip's that i hope will help you, if it's a spray tan, or self wipes.

Instead of having a shower, try having a bath, as this will soften the skin a lot more, and also open up your pores on the skin as well to get rid of the dead skin cells, try the exfoliating bath or shower scrub (which works really well) either use a puff ball, or the rough side of the sponge, but really work the exfoliating scrub into a lather, when your ready to use the puff ball, or the rough side of the sponge, pay most of your attention to your legs, the ankles,the balls of your feet, and the elbows and the knee's as this is were streaking mostly occur's. But for us ladies remember to shave your legs and arms, then exfoliate those 2 places again. You can use the exfoliation on the face as well, but what you decide is best, if you do, exfoliate use the tips of your fingers in circular motion, for approx2/3 minutes and rinse throughly.

Once out of the bath, really make sure your skin is dry throughly, specially again the knee's, elbows, arms, and the ankles, pat dry the face.

This might sound stupid either apply baby oil, or vaseline to the elbow's, knee's and ankles (just a little) as this makes the skin more moist on those particular parts, give it 10 minutes to absorb into those area's, as you will be doing your body while this absorbs, then when you come to do those area's, on the ankles go down towards the feet, on the balls of your feet, lightly do circular motion's, same with the elbow's rub in lightly.

On the face go up from the neck, if you use moistuiser on the neck and face, give it at least 10 minutes to absorb.

This little routine always works for me, and i am streak free.

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