How to apply false eyelashes

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How to apply the lashes to yourself

False eyelashes, come in so many different shapes, designs, colours, lengths, from strips to clusters to individuals. Before any application of eyelash, please make sure the area is clean and oil free. 
Strip eyelashes
once you have chosen your style of strip lashes that you want to wear, with a pair of tweezers, gently peel them away from packaging and place them on your eyelid to how you would wear them. If there is a little over hang, take a pair of nail scissors and trim them down from the inner side until they fit correctly onto your lash line . Then get the glue, and spread over the false lash line and leave for 8-10seconds until the glue starts getting tacky. Then apply the strip, applying the outer corner first and finishing in the inner corner. Please note the lashes should be on the lashes them selves rather than stuck to your skin, this will stop any pulling and discomfort. Then with the back end of the tweezers, press down on the lashes to make sure its properly in place.
Cluster lashes
Cluster lashes are a groups of individual lashes grouped together which are placed onto your own lashes. With a pair of tweezers and looking into a make up mirror, dip the end of the cluster lashes in to the glue and dap any excess glue of and then place on the base of your lashes , leaving a little room so it's not touching the eyelid. I normally start with a medium size cluster lash, at the outer lid and then work in, after about 2/3 into the eye, I then change to a short cluster lash, for the final third to copy how your natural lash grows. Please note that you shouldn't be able to feel the lashes on.

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