How to apply foundation with the MAC 190 brush

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When applying foundation it can be very confusing knowing how to get that flawless complexion.  When you wear foundation, the MAC 190  brush is a staple. The MAC 190 can be used with liquid, creamy, or powder foundations for a smooth and even finish. This can even be used with moisturiser and creamy products.   

To start load a little foundation onto your MAC 190 brush and apply to the chin area start from the centre working outwards towards the hairline using a stippling action. Depending on your skin type you may not need to cover your whole face.  Carry on using your stippling action over all the areas you wish to cover.  Do not overload your brush and don't apply too much in one application. Don't forget the neck area.

Using your MAC 190 brush blend the foundation so that the application looks smooth and no edges are visible. For your neck apply your foundation, blending down towards the shoulders.

Finally fix your foundation with a fixing powder.

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