How to apply moustache wax by Fat Jacks Tash Wax

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Scrape a little wax from the tin, using your fingernail. Aim for about a pea-sized shaving. Split this amount into 2, and place a little on each of your index fingers. Using your index finger and your thumb, rub the wax for between 30 seconds and a minute, allowing it to absorb your body heat, which will soften the wax. Gently spread through your moustache, using a comb if you have one, or your fingers. Depending on the length of your moustache, you may need to repeat the process, to get a decent coverage of wax and to allow you to style it to suit your tastes.  You can apply a little extra wax to the ends of your magnificent moustache, if you are intending on having some fetching pointed ends or similar!

If you find you struggle to get the wax to hold, try using a hair-drier. This will melt the wax, you can then style your moustache and let it set hard.

Practise takes perfect. If you struggle at first, just try again. Its all about experimenting!

I have another guide which explains how to easily wash out moustache wax, why not have a read of that too.

Fat Jack, from Fat Jacks Tash Wax - Moustache wax for winners!
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