How to avoid Chargeback/Reversals when selling vouchers

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How to avoid Paypal chargebacks / reversals when selling electronic vouchers.

I have recently become yet another seller to fall foul of a Paypal chargeback from the sale of an electronic voucher.      
I've sold 7 or 8 vouchers successfully in the past. (1 of which sold for more than face value)  
So I started to think that "selling e-vouchers always results in a chargeback" was one of those misconceptions. But I've just been struck by one.

The trouble is that in order to get Paypal Seller protection, you have to fulfill various requirements these include, amongst others;

i) Post to the address on the Transaction Details page (It used to be "the confirmed address" but this has been changed.)

ii) Retain reasonable proof-of postage that can be tracked online.
     (proof of postage is enough for claims of "un-authorised funds" claims, but for "non-receipt of goods" you need proof of delivery.)

iii) Send tangible goods.

Of course emailing an electronic voucher fails all 3.

One way of getting around this is by printing a copy of the voucher and putting it in the post. This way you fulfill all 3 of the above.

For the price of a 1st class stamp (proof of postage is free from post offices) you get protection from a possible chargeback, and the loss of £££'s. This is a small price to pay for piece of mind.
And when selling high value voucher £1.08 for recorded delivery seems like a worthwhile investment.

Most fraudsters are opportunists, just by saying in the advert that you'll in be posting the code / voucher via royal mail, will probably be enough to put off most.
Legitimate buyers won't mind waiting a day or two to receive a letter.

This sounds obvious, but as I regularly sell items in eBay I became a little laid back about it. If I had checked their feedback I would have seen that the buyer had brought 20+ electronic vouchers over the past week, totalling more than £400.

I hope this guide has been helpful (and will protect other sellers from fraudsters!)

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Kind regards,
Rob Croft (eBay Id: Robert.Croft)

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