How to avoid Fake Designer Playboy

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1/. Never buy from Hong Kong,China,Singapore or Australia etc,Don't be seduced by seemingly fantastic wholesale/ 99% of the time the items are 100% Fake and in certain countries you run the risk of heavy customs taxes to pay ontop of the price!

2/. Genuine Playboy Jewellery ALWAYS comes in an Authentic Box,Display Card or with Attatched Branded Tag..and should Always sport a holographic sticker of Authenticity.

3/. Obviously,A seller may be listing an item without packaging for genuine reasons,In which case you should look for the following...

*Quality of the Necklace/Bracelet...Playboy only fashion jewellery in Stainless Steel,Silver Plating and occasionally 925 Sterling Silver.Any Gem Stones in Playboy jewellery are ALWAYS Genuine Swarovski Crystal.

*Stamped Authenticity Charm/Tag (Necklaces/Bracelets)...Here's one that gets them every time!..95% of all Playboy Necklaces & Bracelets have a small 'Tag' or 'Charm' close to the clasp,Which reads 'Playboy...Since 1953' with a small Playboy bunny central to the charm/Tag.If no charm is present,the back of the actual pendant should be stamped likewise!.

*Positioning of the Playboy Bunny....Genuine Playboy bunnies should Always Face TO THE LEFT,(With the exeption of Earrings obviously,Zippos/Lighters,and Decorative Art/Stickers).Also,NEVER purchase an item where one of the Bunny's Ears are bent or folded..This is a Copyright Theft Item!.

There are a great deal of fake Playboy items for sale on eBay.  Unfortunately most people assume things are genuine and have no way of knowing until the goods arrive.  Well here are a few tips which may help you in your search for genuine Playboy gifts.

  1. FEEDBACK - Check out the feedback of the seller - Filter it by items sold and see if there are any comments which give the game away.  Negative comments complaining about fakes are obvious enough but you will be surprised at the amount of people who leave positive feedback as long as the fake is reasonable - they do however say things like "Fast delivery - good copy for the price" or "Item fake, but what do you expect for this price"
  2. PRICE - If it's too good to be true, it probably is - If you want a proper product be prepared to pay proper prices
  3. ASK SELLER A QUESTION - Drop the seller a quick question to ask if the product is genuine, if you get a response along the lines of "I think so" or "I'm not sure", then I guess you know the answer - A seller selling will always answer in the affirmative promptly
  4. Genuine Playboy bags retail for around £18 - £50
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