How to avoid a Triangle Scam

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The scam
There is one criminal and 3 victims in the scam.

Victim one has their credit card stolen - either physically or electronically. The criminal now uses an ebay account he has either hacked or built up a reputation using cheap purchases.  He lists a high value item - usually as an unopened gift.  The advert may look very similar to a major online retailers advert for the item.

Victim two is this retailer.  The item runs on ebay, the seller answering any questions.  At the end, they take payment (which can be PayPal).  On receieving the payment they order the item from victim two using victim one's stolen card.  They put your name and address as the delivery.

Victim three is you.  You receive a brand new item for less than the full retail price.  Bargain!  Except, of course victim one will find the false payment at the next statement and initiation a chargeback.  Victim two, now realises they have sent to a false address and want their goods back.  They have your address so they come and get it (or get the police to).  

And because it has probably been a little while you have lost out on PayPal protection.  And even if you do realise, you got what the seller said and he will have sent via a signed for service so he can prove you got it.  So you don't qualify for Buyer Protection.....

Watch out for anything that is too good be to true.

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