How to avoid being conned on Ebay. Safe Trading Advice

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How do I ensure safe trading on Ebay?

These days it is important to be aware of the fact that fraudsters are present on Ebay - this shouldnt spoil your shopping experience though and if you follow a few simple tips you can ensure that you will not fall victim to one.

Firstly - here are the items that are most commonly subject to fraud.

1.Handbags such as Hermes, Luella,LV, Mulberry and Chloe! 90% of bags offered on Ebay are actually HK fakes. Go to the shop first and look at the bag of your choice closely - this will later help you to identify a fake. Also ensure that you see pictures of the actual bag for sale and NOT catalogue, ad or original pictures. You can also contact My Poupette - who offer guides on certain bag and also identify fakes for you! You will also find some sellers that are My Poupette verified - who are safe and whom you can trust to sell authentic goods. Lastly, don't buy a bag for £100 or even £300 - it's impossible for sellers to offer authentic bags that cheap.

2.Pc's/Gaming Consoles/I Pods, etc. Beware and always read the description thoroughly. Sometimes auctions aren't for the actual item but for a link to a pyramid scheme - where you apparently get a free console/ipod...after having referred people to the scheme. This is usually mentioned in the auction though and if you read carefully you wont miss it. Some sellers actually sell things they don't have - so ensure you only buy from sellers that are verified by feedback or power seller status. Also always read comments left by Buyers, especially if Negs. Contact Ebay's Safety Center for more information on safe payments.

3. Cars/Motorbikes- When buying a vehicle on Ebay - it is recommendable to bring someone along who can examine the care. For example, the AA offers a buying service. This is important because in some incidents the mileage has been found to be altered - or the cars broke down a very short time after the purchase.

Here are some further basic guidelines for Safe Trading:
  • Do NOT use Money Transfer for paying for items - this is the riskiest way to pay - and fraudsters almost always use this method to remain confidential about their identity.
  • Always read feedback, ensure you only buy high value items from verified and experienced buyers.
  • Ask questions regarding the item before bidding - if you do not get a reply there's a good chance the seller is dishonest - as honest sellers almost always answer potential customer queries.
  • Read Ebay's advice on Safe Trading in their safety center and the safe payment information.
  • Always know the item you want to buy, especially when buying designer items. Make sure you ve seen the real deal before bidding on one on Ebay - as to ensure you can spot fakes.
  • Always read the description of an item, sounds obvious, but many people still dont read them
I hope this Guide was of some help - you can find further guides regarding safety under my Guides and Reviews.
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