How to avoid bogus sellers of branded goods.

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There is a large proportion of sellers unfortunately advertising counterfeit golf products on eBAY.

I have been a Professional Golfer for 25 Years and sell genuine branded products periodically on eBAY. I use this to clear end of line stock and some overstocked items I may have of golf products or golf clothing.

Top tips to avoid counterfeit goods:-

  1. Always check a sellers feed-back. No matter how genuine the article may look. Pay attention to the last 10-15 items they have sold and view what they were. This will give you an unbiased view of the sellers reputation and confidence to "bid" or "purchase"
  2. Ask for some technical detail about the club, clothing etc. A genuine seller will be able to give you the information you require.
  3. Callaway have thier serial number on the head of an 8 iron in sets of current irons. If this is not advertised. Ask if there is a serial number on the irons. A seller should be able to offer which club if not the number. Sellers are sometimes vague on this point, as Manufacturers have the power to withdraw a product, should they be able to trace it.
  4. If still unsure. Look to see who the previous product has been sold to. If there is a pattern of buyers, beware and avoid.

Hope this is of some assistance and comfort to genuine buyers and sellers


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