How to avoid buying a fake Chloe handbag part 3

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so i've been comparing the real bags to the fakes, and i've come up this the following checklist for you guys looking at them on ebay:

- check to make sure the hardware is brass and NOT gold, unless the bag is the greyish colour in which case the hardware should be silver
- the zipper should be SILVER and not any other colour
- it should have small brass feet on the bottom (6)
- serial number should be in the form of XX-XX-XX
- the leather tab with the serial number should be INSIDE the zip pocket, not just sewn into the lining somewhere
- it should have Chloe written on the hardware (the lock, the other brass plates, the buckles on the side)
- the buckles on the side should have Chloe written on top (right side) and Chloe written on the bottom (left side)
- the C's should be facing the opposite direction, so when the lock is in front, the C buckles should be facing so that the opening is at the back of the bag
- Chloe should be written on the key so that when the little nub thingy is facing down, Chloe is right side up
- also, pay attention to the overall look of the bag. it should look slouchy and very soft and buttery, not stiff.

Mine is wrinkly and soft, so it slouches as soon as you put it down. I paid 1500, but now I see the price on Net a porter has increased to 1540 something or so.

i hope this helps you guys.
the one i have is authentic and i've looked at all the small details!

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