How to avoid buying a fake Epiphone Les Paul

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Thinking of getting an Epiphone Les Paul guitar? Nice aren’t they but be CAUTIOUS there are a LOT of fake ones out there.

I have recently been caught out and bought a guitar which has unfortunately been proven by Gibson and also a local Authorised Epiphone dealer to be a counterfeit.

Naturally I then felt it wise to conduct a LOT of research; I wish I have done this before.
It is now apparent to me that there are an awful lot of Chinese made (serial number will start usually with EE or EA) counterfeit guitars in circulation.

I did some searching on the most popular search website and found an excellent forum by Les Paul owners – search for “Fake Les Paul Thread II” and take a read for yourself.

These guys are dedicated to providing information as to how to identify whether these guitars are fake or not. If you do not wish to be scammed I would EMPLORE you to take a read.

There are a lot of these guitars that are seemingly sold by many sellers and all seem to have double figure feedback at best, the ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS sell guitars in Private listings to avoid people like me warning those bidding.

Several things I would recommend you consider:
1 – These listings typically cite a specific website to verify the serial number. Serial numbers can and are copied. If the counterfeiters copy the guitar it is not too difficult to clone a serial number. Don’t believe me, type in EE100199999 and wow your guitar was made in January 2010.... Believe me now?
2- Type into that search engine “Fake Les Paul Thread II” and take a read, you will soon realise how many counterfeit guitars ARE actually out there. If in doubt the guys on the forum are happy for you to paste a link for them to review. These guys LOVE LPs with a passion and are fast, friendly and perfectly content to advise if they believe the guitar you may spend 2-300 quid on is a genuine article or not.
3 - Don’t get stung, do your research as I reckon only 10-20% if these Epiphone Les Pauls turn out to be real legitimate articles. Don’t forget the vast majority of the EE and EA ones are the fakers, but there are some legitimate ones out there, if in doubt check MLP Forum out!

I hope you avoid the issues I have needed to endure and wish you a cautious and informed choice.

Please vote for this Guide as without doubt I wish I had found the MLP site BEFORE I got stung - on the plus side the guys at MLP helped me to find a real one and she is stunningly beautiful and 100% legit!

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