How to avoid counterfeit guitar bodies!

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Ebay is now rife with various different guitar body and neck makers and sellers. Whilst this isn't a bad thing...we all like to have a choice...there are an increasing number of sellers stating that their parts are "Warmoth" or "Allparts" when it simply isn't true. Both Warmoth and Allparts are licensed by Fender to make parts that comply exactly to specification. This makes fitting necks and bodies together much less hit and miss as the parts are already designed to work together. You can of course buy parts from other makers but be prepared for necessary expertise when fitting as you may need to file, sand, shim or undertake other work to fit the parts properly.

When buying guitar bodies and necks listed as genuine Warmoth or Allparts then please be aware that these manufacturers place embossed logos onto their products. If the logo isn't present then it's NOT a genuine article. The logos are embossed or pressed into the wood and can only be remove with significant re-carving, planing and sanding of the neck pocket or neck heel, the areas that hold the logo. This would render the part much harder to fit satisfactorily.

Please be especially aware of ebay seller ampboosterboxcompany as he buys bodies carved in Poland and tries to sell them off as genuine Allparts bodies!
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