How to avoid fake Gucci Jewellery on E-Bay

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I decided to write this guide after being thoroughly conned by a seller who advertised her listing as 100% Authentic. When I received the item it had no Gucci markings whatsoever, and wasn't even hallmarked. Since then I've done my own research, which I'd like to share with you. First of all check Gucci's web site, all their Jewellery is available for you to see, so why would someone be listing a genuine ring at £14.99???? has several really useful reviews on how to spot fakes. Lots of sellers of used Gucci will have the receipt for the item, kept for insurance purposes. Approx 95% of the Gucci Jewellery sold on E-Bay is Fake or Replica. Gucci do not present any of their jewellery in Brown cardboard boxes. If jewellery is in one of these boxes it was made in China and can be obtained really cheaply from other auction sites and then sold on via E-Bay. They even fake the controllato cards and protective pouches. During my research I was offered any 5 items for £50.00, so these sellers are really ripping you off. Genuine Gucci is presented in a brown faux leather box, but lately even these are being produced by the fakers, or you can simply buy empty boxes on E-Bay. Genuine Gucci Jewellery has a serial number, which the fakes do not yet have. And finally if you want a real Gucci item, buy directly from Gucci.
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