How to avoid hosting fraud/scam on Ebay

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You know these offers are too good to be true. Scammers offer "unlimited hosting for a small one-time fee (pay once-host forever) or simply too cheap to be true or economical possible.

Once you paid and signed up you will soon recognize how lost you are.

These are the most awful things that can happen to you if you dont make the right choice:
  • No support, they simply dont answer or the email address given to you is no longer working. Thats because they are so cheap, they cant afford technical support.
  • Server is down - or worse: after you installed your domains, start reselling and putting a hell of work into it your server never comes up again and your contractor cant afford any longer to pay for his rented server. This is like a pyramid scheme.
  • TOS changes  Maybe you face TOS changes during the runtime of your contract with fraudulent scamhosts that want to get rid of you. These are the ones who are too stupid to invoke TOS or reference to it, therefore giving you "unrestricted" accounts which you can use for any legal purpose. Afterwards they just claim that you are bound to their TOS. Funny, isnt it?
  • Terminating your account without real reason and without refund. This happens often when you pay for a full year in advance. Scammers dont have any interest in keeping you as a long term customer. Its more profitable to terminate you with a forged reason and sell your ressources again and again.
There are probably a dozen more things that happen if you dont take care.

Well, how can you choose the right webhost / reseller accounts. The answer is so simple: Use common sense!

Alert signs that something is wrong and probably fraud:
  • Seller is using a whois privacy service for his official webhosting domain, therefore hiding his true identity.
  • You dont get satisfying answers to questions for company details, management, business address,  company registration details and so on...
  • Seller gives false information. If you ask for company details and get the c/o address of a datacenter or an answer like "my company is: abc webhosting, 22 blahblah street, somewhere"
    Note that "abc webhosting" is NOT a company. If not officially registered (as ltd, corp, llc for example) its a personal business where you need the name and address of the OWNER not a forged name for the business..
  • Seller dont issue invoices.
  • Seller that are residents in the european community doesnt give you their VAT ID
  • Sellers business is too broad to be professional. Sellers selling hosting, ink, paper,toys, DVD and perfume cant be professional webhosts.
  • Seller feedbacks are manipulated - many many good feedbacks but from 1-cent auctions for stupid ebooks or similar items! Be aware of that and do not only read feedback score - have a look at the items!
Also, there is no obvious reason why a reliable seller wont publish all of his details on his "me" page or in the auction itself. You can have a look at  our me-page to see a good example of what information a reliable company should deliver upfront.

You see that, if you just use common sense, you can avoid your personal hosting desaster.

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