How to avoid losing your 100% ebay trading record

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Anyone reviewing my history will see that, for the first time since 2000, I have recently received two negative feedbacks, so I thought I would write this guide as a warning.

A Question: would you send a £3225 interbank transfer to someone who admits he doesn't have the item in his possession and has never sold anything of greater than £300 value? I think not but he certainly did, refusing both cash and a certified Bank Draft - furthermore he described my wish to see the item when I paid as "tyre kicking". The strike he attempted was removed by ebay but, apparently, still counts against me if I encounter another shady dealer.

A second Question: having sent off your £510 from England for an item in Australia to someone who responded to all your messages promptly, would you expect to receive notification of shipment and - of course - the item, I expect you would. My second negative feedbacker ceased communication immediately I paid him - not a word about the shipment. Then, 2 months later when nothing had arrived & I claimed against PayPal, to only receive £150 compensation, he has the nerve to describe me as a "liar".

I started this under "guide" thinking I would write useful tips for others hoping to retain their 100% record but, frankly, with the recent influx of dishonest people, no advice comes to mind other than BEWARE.

When you trade honestly you will come across disreputable people who build up their feedback on low value goods, then go trawling for some sucker from whom to con. a large sum.

My advice is - pay cash only & see the goods first, unless you're dealing with someone you've already traded with - it's a dishonest World out there!



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