How to avoid neutral or poor feedback

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With the best will in the world, there is always a customer, and I use the word loosely, who decides to leave completely random or strange feedback that is not relevant to the item sold. They usually do not bother getting in touch to enable the seller to rectify the problem, if in fact there was a problem in the first place.
an example would be where a buyer completes the purchase and keeps the item, Then 26 days later they decide to leave feedback stating that the item is OK but it would have been better described as an after market part and not OEM.
No contact to enable a refund to be offered or the item exchanged, no because that would be too easy for them, No, its far better to show off their intelect by giving poor or neutral feedback when the seller has done nothing wrong.
Ebay should be more strict with these buyers and should investigate thoroughly. If the seller is not at fault, then the feedback should be removed at once.
At the moment then it is impossible to avoid neutral or poor feedback and Ebay is usually no help, its time they realised that its the seller who pays them.
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