How to avoid not receiving goods and be protected

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I purchased a ring in November which never arrived. After several communication e mails, they left me negative feedback and called me a LIAR! 

I was lucky to get my money back through Paypal, but that's because I paid by Paypal. If you are not paying by Paypal extra vigilance is called for.

The company concerned had made their feedback private but have 97 Negative feedbacks and 80 neutral feedbacks so far this month.

Watch out for people who make their feedback private (there must be a reason and it may be to hide something)!

Review how many negative feedbacks they have before deciding to buy from them.

Communicate with the seller, see how quickly they respond and the view content of their response.

If no postal insurance option is included with the purchase and you want to go ahead with it, I suggest asking for postal insurance. This does not cost very much about 60p in th UK or £1 from overseas, this will guarantee that if you do not receive your item, the full value can be claimed back.

Be suspicious of Sellers who won't agree to this insurance, after all you will be willing to pay for it.

Also watch out for sellers selling genuine gold or gemstones at very low prices!! It may seem a bargain (but beware it may be a scam just to get money and not send the goods)!

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