How to bag a real bargain - locally !

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Bagging a local bargain

There is nothing that puts a buyer off more than "collect in person" only or high postage costs due to weight.  This can be an advantage for local purchases as many people have already filtered these out of their searches.  Surprisingly very few people search specifically for these local bargains.

Try this:

Seach in the Home & Garden Category for all items that are:
  • Within 10 miles of your postcode
  • Between £0.01 and £10
  • Auctions Only
  • Collect In Person
  • Located in UK Only
Unless you live in the middle of nowhere you should now get a lot of results.  Now either sort by price for the real bargains or distance to find out the bargains just yards from your home.

Try the same for other large categories like

Business, Office & Industrial
Home Electronics

Next add them to your favorite searches.  I have found some real bargains locally with only a short trip to collect them & no postage costs !

Over the past few years I have had a number of great bargains - I replaced the kids 4:3 TV with a 24" Widescreen for a fiver !  I bought timber, nails & fence boards from a few local sellers and replaced a 10 metre long fence for around £40 when I was quoted £400 for new materials from the local builders merchant.

There is one danger with this - if you are not careful this can become addictive, and before you know it you have a garage full of "bargains" that were too cheap to miss but you may never use ;-)  

Good fun - give it a try !
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