How to be a successful eBook Seller

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So, you want to become an eBook Seller, is easy, just follow my tips below.

OK, so you have just opened your eBay account and have 0 feedback, first thing you need to do is open a sellers account, by clicking Start Selling. You will be asked to add your bank details in order to pay any eBay fees. Then, you need to link your PayPal account to your eBay account and  think that it is always best to set PayPal up as your default method of paying your fees. You are able to configure it to make payments automatically every month to save the trouble of having to pay yourself.

Now that you have your sellers account open, you should download eBay Turbo Lister which is free, and install it on your computer. This means that you can create your listings on your computer and then upload then to eBay in bulk, or when ever you want to do so.

So get started, but remember, you can only list products as "Bidding" until you have gained 10 positive feedback and then you can start listing "Buy It Now".

When you are making your sales page, remember to use all your own images and host them n your own server, or use a free image hosting service like photobucket. Once you have your sales page completed in Turbo Lister, choose "List as a Digital Item" and then above the payment area, type in the URL from where the eBook can b downloaded. If you do not have your own server, I would recommend using as it is a free and simple way of hosting your files.

Now, when uploading your files, make sure that you are listing them on eBay US, as eBay UK does not support digital goods.

To get your first 10 feedback, I would start off listing about 10 - 15 eBooks all for 1 Cent as you will nearly always get bids on them. This will improve your feedback rating and then you will soon have 10 positive feedback which means that you can start listing as "Buy It Now". But now you can start selling your eBooks for about $2.00 or there abouts.

Remember, if you want to bee successful, then make sure that your grammar is good at all times and that you are speaking directally to the reader, and not as if you are speaking to a audience. This will make it more personal.

Have you ever heard the saying, "Don't Judge a book by it cover"?

Well, in the eBook world, it is completely different, books are judged by their covers and if you don't have good quality graphics, then your visitors will be put off by the bad presentation. I make all my own graphics and eBook covers, so if you need any covers or graphics designed, please contact me.

The way to format your listing

Try and add a picture to the right hand side or some text, make sure that you don't have a block of description, and then one picture, take a look at some of my listings and see haw they are laid out and presented.


Try to answer all emails within 24 hours, and even add an auto responder to tell the person that you have received their email and that you will get back to them as soon as possible or within 24 hours.


Make sure that you leave the buyer feedback as soon as possible, but try not to leave it too long or else they will get annoyed and may not buy from you again.

If you need any more info, contact me.

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