How to build/create a WiFi - Wireless LAN Network

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Firstly there are a few factors that you have to think of;

  • Location of Acsess Point/Router
  • Computer Operating System
  • Internet Service
Firstly dependent upon the location of the acsess point/router you could gain a better or improveded connection depedened upon where you locate the device.  If you are operating computers on lower floors and wish to also connect other computers on higher floors i would highly recommend you place it in a high place where there are no obstructuoions such as thick walls or large objects.
    Secondly operating systems such as Windows 95 Or Windows 98 1St eddition may not support the wireless usb/pci card you have chosen to use so it is best that you check the requirements on the listing or product box.
        Finally it is most recommened to use a High Speed broadband service such as ADSL with a wireless network to reep the benefits of high speed internet acsess wirelessly.

To setup a wireless Network you require

  1. If you have an exsiting network with a router for internet acsess a ACSESS POINT OR if you are building a NEW network a ROUTER including Wireless connectiverty.
  2. You will require a PCI or USB device which enables each computer to communcation wirelessly via the Acsess point or Router.
  3. Finally always read instuctions with regards to securing the wirless network or you could have many people parking out side your house and having a free surf on your internet service.

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