How to build up an ebay shop

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Hello, i am writing this guide to help other people where i struggled once i had bought the subscription of an ebay shop. I did alot of research for many days and many nights looking for different wholesalers and what items sell. Eventually i came across a few things you will see in my shop My ebay shop
Once i had found the wholesalers and how to work out my ebay shop,. i worked out wheather some of items in the wholesalers shops sold and those that did i bought from the whole salers and resold it on ebay. I had to take into account all the ebay fee's. Got to remember ebay take 10% of the final value fee and paypal take 3% of the purchase fee including p+p paypal also take 20p ontop of the 3% and ofcourse you insertion fee has to be taken into account. So i always make sure you yake all that into account before buying items to resell. Once i had figured that out i took some really good picture with my digital camara to make the picture stant out. You also have to make your descriptions as accurate and as simpke as you can.

So in an easy format

Buy an ebay shop
Find out what sells
Look for a wholesalers
work out your profits before purchase of any items
take into account ebay and paypal fee's
Take good pictures
make good description

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My ebay shop
And you shoudl be on a right track!!!!

Thank you for reading RCW-Clothing

My ebay shop
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