How to buy Dance Shoes regarding sizes.

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This is a complicated item to size. Unlike normal street wear shoes dance shoes of any type do fit different. Things to consider before buying from any Dance Supplier are - 1. Look at the companies size guides, they are what they are Guides not exact. 2. All manufacturers sizes are based on European size ie 41,42,43 etc. 3. some companies convert to their own sizes from that but also jump or miss out sizes when converting them from european sizes, so you may think you are size 41 as you buy that usually in high street shops as you are usually a size 7 in a UK shoe, but an actual true conversion from size 41 is a UK size 7.5, some shops/sellers will round this up to a UK size 8 or down to a UK size 7. Some companies like Sansha UK use true as UK size 7 does not really have a true conversion. Size 40 is a UK size 6.5 & 41 is a UK size 7.5. 3. It is also a complication added by the dancer as each have their own preference to how a dance shoe should fit. This being a dance shoe to the professional dancer should be a snug almost tight fit to become almost an extension or part of the foot. There should be no movement on the foot at all to prevent and blisters or other injuries. But some basic dancers like some room or some "Growing Room" this is a big no no, but in some cases it is up to the customer so this can lead to some arguments as to shoes sizes being correct or not as described. In short if you have any worries about ordering any type of dance shoes call the supplier before ordering them, who will help as best as they can.
Pointe shoes on the other hand, unless you know your exact size to the particular manufacturer, should never be ordered over a mail order system as they need to be professionally fitted by the manufacturer or someone trained by the manufacturer, Someone trained by Bloch, Capezio, Freed etc cannot fit Sansha and vis versa as they all fit differently. Fittings of Pointe shoes by untrained fitters can result in major injuries even later in life, way after giving up a career in dance.
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