How to buy Make up

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There are a vast range of makeup on eBay at bargain prices. I especially like the international brands as they are more affordable. Its best to know what colour suits your skin complexion ,for example cool toned skin tone will suit more pastel colours ,where as warm toned skin tones are complemented by autumn colours such as bronzes and deep reds. Your hair colour also plays an important role in choosing make up. Its best to ask questions about the products as most sellers will be more than happy to answer any queries about their products. This also helps with a much more smoother transaction and can avoid any misunderstandings or disappointment for the seller and buyer. Its best to find out if the product is new or used to avoid any disappointment . you should also check the eBay prices against retail stores. This will help you as the customer make a informed decision on weather its worth the money you pay for the product. Its best to give positive feedback as negative feedback can ruin the reputation of the seller and most problems can be fixed through simple communication between seller and buyer. I find looking through magazines to find the latest beauty products and searching for them on eBay.
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