How to buy a Memory Card for Your Camera

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How to buy a Memory Card for Your Camera

The majority of cameras these days are digital cameras, and rather than use film that needs to be processed and printed for pictures, they use a small digital memory card that stores the images for as long as the camera owner wishes to keep them. The images can be downloaded from the memory card and stored on a computer, either by inserting the card into a compatible slot in a pc or buy using a plug-in memory card reader as an interface.

When they were originally created, the cost of both digital cameras and memory cards was generally found to be far too expensive for all but professional photographers. In addition, the capacity of the memory cards was initially very limited, with many only storing a small number of images. However, over the years, the cost of both cameras and memory cards has come down significantly, to the point that they are probably now affordable to everyone, no matter what their budget. And, at the same time, the storage capacity of memory cards has increased significantly, and now even relatively cheap memory cards can hold thousands and thousands of photos safely.

As a result of this progress, digital photography is now a way of life, and indeed, many people owning cameras now will never have used a film camera and will be bemused at the idea of having had to wait for days to see the photos. It is no exaggeration to say that digital cameras and the memory card have changed the way we take and store photographs forever.

What to Look for When Buying a Memory Card for a Camera

As memory cards have gradually become more affordable, so the range of cards available to buy has increased. There are a number of differences between the different types of cards, so it is very important that buyers find out what type of card is most suitable for their needs and their camera type. Set out below are some of the main criteria to be considered when researching the right memory card for a camera


There are a number of different types of memory card to choose from. Here are the main ones available on the market today. Buyers should always ensure that they are buying the right kind of card for their camera, and there should be information about this either on their camera or in the documentation that came with it.

Secure Digital or SD card

This is the most popular card in use today. They are small and relatively cheap and come in a huge range of memory sizes.


This is a newer type of memory card, with a very high memory capacity. Prices for these cards are very high, and there are currently a limited number of devices that are compatible with them. More devices are expected to be released in the next few years, and prices should drop over time.

Micro and Mini SD cards

These memory cards are mainly designed for smaller cameras and mobile phones. They give the same level of performance as standard SD cards, but in a smaller form. It is possible to use them in a standard SD slot by using an SD adapter.


Compact Flash cards are larger and more robust than many of the other memory card types available. Many people consider them to be a better card to use when faced with adverse conditions, such as extreme heat or cold, as they seem to be less affected by this than other cards. These cards are now more generally found in use by professional photographers than everyday family use.


This type of card was made specifically for older Olympus and Fuji cameras. Most newer cameras from these two brands are now able to use SD cards, but those with older styles of camera may still need to buy an xD card.

Memory Stick Duo

Like the xD card above, this type of memory card was made specifically for one brand of camera, in this case a Sony. Most newer Sony cameras are now also compatible with SD cards.

Memory Size

Memory cards come in a wide range of memory sizes. Card sizes are stated in gigabytes or GB, and generally speaking, cards now range from 2GB up to 36GB, with even bigger cards also being available. Think carefully about the type of photography to be taken before choosing the size of memory card that is appropriate. If the camera is mainly used for general family photography, then a smaller card such as a 4GB or 8GB card should be sufficient. However, if the camera is used for a lot of video recording, particularly HD video recording, then it is worth buying a much larger-sized card to enable longer videos to be recorded. Professional photographers will also want to buy large-sized cards as they will generally be working with much higher detail levels in their photographs, and each image will take up much more memory space than a simply family snap.


The final main difference between the different kinds of camera memory cards available is their speed. This refers to the speed that the images 'write' to the card when taking photos or are 'read' from the card when downloading the images to other devices such as a PC. For most buyers, this will not be of much relevance, and a 'standard' card that is widely available for purchase will suffice. However, if the purchase is intended for a professional photographer who takes a lot of continuous shots, such as in sport or wildlife, they will want a card that has a high 'writing' speed to enable each photograph to be quickly saved to the card, enabling the next photo to be taken quickly. A higher speed card is also useful if a lot of HD video is going to be saved to the card. The speed of the card can be found by looking on the card itself, where a small number in a circle is usually shown on the front of the card. Generally speaking, the higher the number shown, the higher the speed of the card.

How to Buy a Memory Card for a Camera

One great thing about memory cards is that they are really easy to buy; they are available almost everywhere. Memory cards are available to buy in supermarkets or any high street store that holds photography equipment. They are also available in a wide range of specialist photography retailers on the internet. Camera memory cards are also widely available on eBay.

Looking for a Memory Card for a Camera on eBay

There is a huge range and variety of memory cards to be found on eBay. To see the biggest range, prospective purchasers should selectAll Categories from the left hand menu on the eBay homepage, selectCameras and Photography from the list of options and then select Cameras and Photo Accessories.. Once on the main page for the sub category of Cameras and Photo Accessories, select Memory Cards from the options on the left hand side of the page.

Once the Memory Cards section has been located, there are further options that can be selected from the left hand menu which will further refine the search process. So, for example, someone looking for only SD cards would select the SD option on the left hand menu. Alternatively, someone looking for only 16Gb sized cards would be able to select that as an option. It is also possible to select more than one option to refine the search - so anyone looking for an 8GB microSD card could select both 8Gb and microSD from the list to be shown all the 8Gb microSD cards for sale on eBay at that time.

It is also wise to do a general search for Camera Memory Cards using the search box at the top of every eBay page. This enables the user to find listings for Camera Memory Cards that have not been listed in the Photography category in error.


There are a wide range of Memory Cards available for cameras, and it is important to pick the correct one. Primarily, it's important to get one that is compatible with the camera system it is going to be used for, but it is also important to buy the right one for the individual's particular requirements. By looking into the criteria set out above, and taking time to do some research, any buyer should feel confident that they will be able to find the right card for them and their camera, ensuring that all their happy memories will be recorded for posterity.

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Despite compact film cameras sometimes being viewed as old fashioned and of a lower quality to other models of cameras they have many positive attributes. Although some compact cameras are 'point-and-shoot' many of the older cameras actually have manual settings which give the photographer a higher level of control over his pictures in comparison to modern digital compact cameras. Due to the increasing popularity of digital cameras, high quality compact film cameras are also comparatively inexpensive, while still producing good quality photographs. They also have the advantage of being very portable and can be set up quickly, so many photographers prefer to carry one for day-to-day photography rather than hauling around an SLR.

As any photographer knows, choosing a camera is always going to be a matter of personal choice that cannot always be justified by technical specifications, so don't be put off by compact film cameras; there are some hidden gems out there.

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