How to buy a Nintendo Wii

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It is incredibly difficult to buy a nintendo wii. Every day is like launch day, as soon as they come in stock, they fly of the shelves and that leaves you without your nintendo wii, unless your in the right place at the right time and you would have to be incredibly lucky for that to happen. I am writing here now to tell you how i got my nintendo wii without preordering it. I hope this will help you on your quest to get a nintendo wii.  

This website I found, is incredibly helpful and monitors the stock of every major electronic retailer and refreshes itself every 60 seconds. If it finds stock then a tick comes next to the name of the shop, then its up to you to get to that shop as quick as possible. Mind you with this you have to be incredibly lucky and check the website at the exact time and you dont really know if the shop near you has the stock in. I recommend you add it to your favorites list. Unfortunatly eBay does not allow me to leave a link to this website if you want it then type wii preorder into google and click on the first link.

Now the way I got my wii was through perseverance and a whole lot of luck. I had planned to go to town one day and I spent most of my morning phoning shops and asking them if they had stock in. Most of them didn't, then I phoned GAME and they said that they were getting a whole load in that very day. So they took my name and wrote it on a piece of paper, then all i had to do was go to the shop give them my name, pay the money and i got my nintendo wii. I understand this requires a great deal of luck but if you persevere then you will eventually be rewarded with your nintendo wii.

You could alternatively buy it on eBay but that means you will have to wait for it to come through the post and it may even get damaged in the post. However you may find it on eBay at a bargain price, I only wrote today to tell you how i got my wii and if you keep losing auctions or they go out of your price range then you might consider doing what i did.

Good luck

Scott Fraser, eGamedirect  


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