How to buy a genuine Mulberry handbag

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There are many fake Mulberry bags around and as an owner of three I feel I am adequately familiar with them to spot fakes online and in the flesh. Mulberry is a UK brand and it is very expensive. If a bag is priced too cheaply then it is too good to be true. 

So what can you look out for? Mulberry straps are good quality, the stitching is neat, firm with no bits hanging off. The brass bits are shiny or dull and the logo is straight and not embossed to the extent it looks illegible. The leather should be soft and feel really. Mulberry use high quality leather and as such it should not peel or fade. Check the colours of the seasons most fakes are too bright or in a colour that mulberry does not even manufacture. 

The insides of the bag is the most important as fakes tend to neglect this area. The lining should be straight and the tree logo all the same size and not too big. The inside should look as beautiful as the outside. The zips should be chunky and run without catching on the leather or fabric. The bag should have that wow appeal and come with a serial number. Fakes neglect to have this. A second hand or new bag should have this and you should ask for a copy of the receipt. If you are in doubt, any shop attendant at Mulberry will be happy to check the bags for you. 



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