How to buy a laptop based on your daily use and save $$

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Through my 10 Years of experience in the computer retail Field i finally understand the 3 selling points of A buyers Requirements when it comes to Laptop Purchases  

Am sure most of us in a point of our life we bought an over power computer or even a lower spec pc that didn't actually satisfied our needs based on the money we spend on it.
So, this guide will explain you what you need to know before you choose a New laptop and spend your budget wisely based on your personal usage and family requirements.(if more family members will use it

What is the Main purpose that we will use the laptop.?
Etc Internet? Music, Movies? Games on the Internet or a more advance games? Or Office use (documents, sheets, presentations)

For any usage I refer, the buying cost difference maybe some times its up to 200$
So that why you should understand why is important to choose a laptop 100% based on your usage and Save that Extra money in the end.

1. Internet Usage – Music Movies.
You will need basically any Entry Level Laptop to choose from. With an Average Processor Like the new Intel Pentium Processor Dual Core B690 or even an AMD ,The speed of the Dual Core’s is Amazing Perfect for internet use and believe me you don’t need nothing more or less in Processor Choice. When it comes to RAM an average 3 GB Its Perfect to. For the Graphics the on board Card will do the Job as good as a Extra Graphic card which maybe Cost about $50 -$70 extra in the laptops Total price. Storage depends always how many files you will download or have (if you will save movies its better to choose from 320GB minimum) DVD Writer Webcam, Bluetooth USB 2.0 & 3.0 outputs and Wi-Fi is Now Standard in the 99% of the Laptop Series.

2. Games on the Internet or a more advance games?
You will need a more advance Computer when it comes to Games
If your are playing games through Internet like the Web Based Games on the social networks or Flash based games on a website you will need just an Entry level Computer Like the Choice in Point 1.
Because online games don’t really need a perfect Graphics card to work
The resolutions of the online games are average and don’t need even to much Processor speed to play (just a good Internet Connection will do the job)
But if you will play Advance Games which they will work through DVD or CD this is a new chapter of needs on your Choice and the reason is because games like those need the Processor speed and the Extra GB of the Graphics ,don’t mention that the most of the games now need minimum 4GB Ram and an average graphics card of 1 GB which those Specs will cost you a bit on the finally price.
So For the processor best choice is to start with is an Intel i5 & i7 or an Equal AMD with a standard 4GB expandable to 8GB Ram For sure.
A Graphics card with minimum 1 GB or even 2GB will take the gaming experience way to far. (some good Brands are NVidia and ATI Chipsets)
Most of those Laptops Come with HDMI out so you can connect your laptop to an external Monitor or A Big TV (Plasma, LED-LCDs) The output quality will be perfect on External Monitors.
Storage: Most of i5 and i7 have 500GB Standard which is perfect for storing your Games Saves and Maps etc.
DVD Writher Webcam, Bluetooth USB 2.0 & 3.0 outputs and Wi-Fi is Now Standard in the 99% of the Laptop Series .

3. Office use
A computer For the Business man or for the office secretary (even for a student)
I will recommend a computer that is little higher than an entry level Pc but with no extra features which in some times are not necessary. Like Blue ray drives or Advance Graphics cards
Basically the office use laptop is only for Sending Emails - Reminders – Documents and Presentations with Basic internet Use and Music
A standard Dual Core or in some cases and Intel i3 or an Equal AMD with a standard 3GB -4GB is perfect! No need more.
Hard drive Storage about 320 GB – 500GB will be just fine for your Small Size Documents which most of them sometimes reach maximum 10MB (200pages)
DVD Writher Webcam, Bluetooth USB 2.0 & 3.0 outputs and Wi-Fi is Now Standard in the 99% of the Laptop Series .

 Thanks and happy buying Based on Your Requirements.

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