How to buy a match quality football

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When searching ensure you know the brand and model of ball you are searching for i.e. Mitre V12 Delta. For example, type in the search bar 'Mitre V12 Delta'. You will then be shown a number of results. 

Personally, i was looking for a bargain, however, maintaining the high quality of ball. Therefore, i looked firstly at the used items, and found a couple instantly that i liked and added to watch list. I then checked the new items just to see if there was a bargain to be had, incidently there wasn't. I then went back and bid on the two used balls i found. 

Overall, the key to this purchase is knowing the brand and model of the ball you want. Once that is established it should be fairly easy to locate an ideal purchase.

P.S. all the best balls will be FIFA approved, these are the best balls available. Anything not FIFA approved will wear out fairly easily. However, you will pay a bit extra for FIFA approved balls. The logo you are looking for is in the photo below.

Thanks for reading.

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