How to buy a mobile phone.

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The mobile phone is now one of the most common and trusted pieces of technologies that we commonly use. It keeps us in touch with our friends, and keeps us connected to the web.
Since their introduction almost 30 years ago now, they have gone from being an object of curiosity to a high street fashion statement.
The mobile phone speaks volumes of the owner, but do not be too concerned if this makes you feel exposed, you can upgrade every now and then.
Right lets move on to the guide.
Ask yourself, what do you need it for? This is very important because there is a great deal of choice.
Lets cut to the chase, this is what I feel.
I have owned all sorts of phones over the last 15 years. From bricks to smartphones. Which one is the best?
I will tell you, the small, compact phones which offer great call quality and are small in the pocket. It is as simple as that.
Forget the Androids and Windows Phones, you can use your laptop or the office PC to those tasks. Stick with a simple, easy to use phone, and it will make you happy.
Which one you choose, is up to you, and don't worry what anyone else thinks.
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