How to buy a replacement part for your Laptop

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Introduction about Laptops

Nowadays almost everybody owns a Laptop. Why? Because they're great, we need them for work, school and just for simple entertainment. But not everything about them is amazing, there are a lot of threats out there that can damage your computer, these threats can either exist in the software universe or hardware one. The software part can be a headache, but with the appropriate defense system and responsibility, problems can be easily controlled or avoided. The hardware part in the other hand, it's a big issue to fix, unlike a desktop where if a piece gets broken you can just open it up and switch part, laptops can be excruciating to get opened. Everything seems to be connected and everything has to come out just to replace one part, because of this, people usually avoid messing around with their laptops, and that's ok, it's better not to touch it than wreck every part of that laptop. But the worst thing is, when a person decides to buy a new computer just because of a broken part in the old one.

How to know what's happening with your computer.

Most problems have many different possible reasons. For instance, you start your computer, after 30 minutes working with it, the laptop resets. Well maybe that's an overheating  issue and the CPU's cooling fan has to be replaced, however it could be a completely different problem, it could even be a software problem. 
You'll have to be ready for this process of investigation and if you feel overwhelmed, don't just give up, be brave and when you finally find out the problem, you'll be proud of yourself. Look around the web, ask a friend for help, contact the computer's brand support team or any other repairing company and ask them about it. These people will probably help you with the diagnosis, if they can't help you without looking at the machine, then take it somewhere for a diagnosis, but be careful not to get conned.

How to know specifically the part I need for MY computer.

By this stage you know what's the problem, and what's causing the problem. Let's take the previous example, your computer suffers from overheating, and you need a new cooling fan for your Laptop's CPU.
With this information, if you type cooling fan on eBay's search bar, you will be bombarded with millions of different cooling fans, which one is the one you need?? Well, you'll have to narrow your search in order to find what you want, and the best way to narrow down a search is if you find out the exact part number you're looking for. Fortunately, there are a few ways to do this.
One way is to open up your laptop, look for the damaged part, observe it and you'll find it's part number, you look it up on ebay, you buy it, assemble the laptop and voilá, it works beautifully again. Unfortunately, you probably don't know how to open a laptop and you don't want to try it.
So, another way is to ask someone to do it for you, you pay for the hand labor and buy the part yourself to make sure you're not overpaying the technician (if you let them do everything themselves you'll end up paying 50% extra for the part). Another version to this, is to look in the internet for the part, you'll probably have to contact the computer's brand costumer service and if you give them the right information, they will give you what you need. You go and buy that part, hand it over a technician and you get your computer working again.


Throughout the last 15 years, people got used to buy new equipment all the time to replace the old one, this kind of mentality promoted the lack of durability of electronic equipment by the manufacturers, people found themselves buying new things all the time and doing it naturally. However, times have changed, people(and companies) are know realizing they have produced so much waste with the "the old one is broken,  buy new" mentality, that now we see those disposal costs increasing and those junkyards getting bigger. Right now, it's not a beneficial strategy to buy new when you have a great old one with a broken part. People are aware of the need of fixing what's broken, the next step is telling them how to.
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