How to buy a yoyo and what to look for in a yoyo

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Yoyos are a classic vintage childrens toy, they have been around for decades.
The more modern yoyos have been fitted with batteries to allow them to light up as they move up and down the string. If you wish to purchase a yoyo with a view to performing tricks with it you should look to buy a yoyo which incorporates a clutch action, this will enable you to make the yoyo stall at different times on the string and to move off again depending on your level of ability. You should look to start with a basic yoyo incorporating ball bearings and a clutch action. As your skill level increases you may want to upgrade to a heavier yoyo possibly of metal construction. Yoyos vary greatly in price you should be able to purchase a starter yoyo from an online store such as ebay for 5 or 6 pounds. Yoyos are a great way of learning hand to eye coordination and are suitable for all ages from 3 upwards. If you would like to see some real experts at work you tube has a great selection of short videos showing novices and experts performing basic to advanced yoyo stunts and tricks. Please click the following link if you wish to see a selection of yoyos available to purchase on our store.
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