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CD Slot Mount - Winner of British Invention of the Year
The results are out! The Winner of British Invention of the Year award goes to the ingenious CD Slot Mount ®.
The CD Slot Mount beat hundreds of popular UK inventions to win the coveted award and was recently featured on BBC One’s The One Show. The CD Slot Mount is a universally compatible  car dash mount that inventively slots in to your vehicles existing CD player, providing a safe and useful place to hold your Sat Nav, Smartphone, or iPod whilst driving.
The CD Slot Mount uses an innovative clean non-sticky surface pad technology that even allows coins to be placed securely while in motion. The celebrated design, is the first to overcome the challenge of creating a multi-use, portable dash while passing the highway codes safety criteria and has a patent pending on the technology. The solution involved the designer painstakingly researching different scenarios of driver usage.
The CD Slot Mount solves several common issues. For portable Sat Nav users, it creates a new secure and convenient location to attach the device to. When in use, the CD Slot Mount allows Sat Nav uses to have an unrestricted view of the road. This removes any issues that traffic police may have with viewing restrictions. This results in the Sat Nav always being within a safe reaching distance without any loose cables. The common sight of sticky ring residue on windscreens is also eliminated thanks to the CD Slot Mount, which greatly helps reduce the chances of being targeted by potential criminals.
Today almost all smartphones have a built in Sat Nav system, and the CD Slot Mount is the ultimate accessory to use your smartphone’s mapping device in a safe way. The CD Slot Mount allows optimum viewing angles and is close enough the driver for easy access. The CD Slot Mount can also be used to hold your iPod or MP3 player device, thoughtfully removing the need to balance such devices on your lap which can be dangerous.
Since winning the British Invention of the Year award, the CD Slot Mount has seen a surge in sales, which has been increased further due to recent television appearances. The CD Slot Mount is being sold exclusively on the award winning inventors website and ebay where international orders are accepted securely online.
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