How to buy chirstmas presents on eBay- a beginers guide

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This guide will hopefully give you a better understanding of how to buy christmas presents on eBay.

Preparation:                                                                                                          Try and find out what gifts people might want to recive and jott them  down somewhere for future refrence. If you havent been able to find                        out what they like then try and think what wouuld she/he like, if it sutible                 for their age.

Searching:                                                                                                        search for that item or the item you have chossen. If you cant find it                  search for an item that is as closest as it can be to the item they would                     of liked/ the item you were hoping to buy for them.

Buying:                                                                                                             After you have found the item you want to buy either bid for it, buy                          it now or make an offer. (if your making an offer don't suggest anything                  too much under of what the asking price is as most of the time it will                       be completly ignored).

Afterwards:                                                                                                       Make sure you allow time for the payment to be proccessed                                   (this takes a week) and also time for it to be delivered. I suggest maybe                 bidding for the chossen item late november/early December to insure                    that it will come on time.

After Item has arrived: Leave positive,neutral or negitive feedback. If you want to give neutral or negitive feedback i suggest contacting the seller and they will try and fix the problem for you. If you cant reach them then leave negitive feedbackand report to eBay about this.


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