How to buy clothes and accessories for your dog.

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1. First consider what items of clothing and accessories are suitable for your dog, some dogs will require warmer clothes than others. Not all dogs *NEED* clothes, however you can dress them as a 'fashion statement'. Some dogs however do need jumpers or jackets, especially in cold weather to prevent illness (for example dogs with Cushings disease/ hypothyroidism). Some dogs i.e huskeys, will be very uncomfortable in additional clothing as they are built for colder temperatures. 

2. Once you have decided if clothing is suitable for your dog the next step is to measure him/her; some dog clothing will show you an idea of which dog each size is suitable for, however it is best to measure them to make sure it will fit. 

3. Begin by measuring the chest, this can be done by passing your tape measure around your dog, behind his front legs.  Record these measurements so you don't forget! 
Next measure the length of your dog, start from the base of their neck, and measure length ways to the base of the tail. Again remember to write down the measurements! 

4. For accessories i.e scarves you should measure their neck, you can do this by passing the tape measure around the area of the neck you would want the item to sit. Remember to add an inch or two as you don't want to choke them, however most items are adjustable, but you can check this by thoroughly reading the product description. 

5. Once the above has been completed, search through eBay for the items you wish to purchase, make sure you check the sizing to make sure it will be a good fit for your dog, and most importantly, ENJOY!
Don't forget to buy your dog a treat/ toy or two while you are looking!!

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