How to buy collectable coins

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Do you collect coins?

If you are an avid coin collector then you'll know to watch out for fakes and forgeries that are on the market.

If you are not then you should carry on reading this guide for a few tips and tricks.

If you are buying on the high street I would go directly to the Royal Mint as you know these coins are real and will be in 'mint' condition (sorry about the joke).

If you are buying on eBay then this is where you need to watch out for fakes, always:
  • research into the coins you are collecting (its likely someone else has blogged about the coin your looking for)
  • Look at the feedback from other buyers on the sellers profile. (if they have none or very little feedback be alert of this)
  • Fell free to ask the seller as many questions as you like, they want to sell the item so they will 99% of the time answer anything you ask.
  • If you live locally, ask if you can meet the seller (in a public place) and inspect the coins yourself.
  • Remember, you want to collect the real thing. Don't let the fakes get into your collection. Do not ever sell fakes, as it will only get you into trouble (on eBay or with the police etc).

Coin collecting should be good fun, over the years you'll meet some fun and eccentric people along the way (but we're all the same & have a love for the coins we collect).

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