How to buy good e-reader

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There is a wide range of e-reader avaialable to buy right now, from branded one-Kindle, Nook, Kobi to less known ones-like icarus or tolino. 
The best selling one is Kindle by Amazon. 
What you need to look at when buying E-reader? the first thing is screen-6 inch is for me the best. Not to small and not to big-perfect to hold in hand, to put into your pocket or handbag. The best will be if you will buy e-book reader with e-ink screen. No reflection, paperwhite gives you felling you read a real book, not just pdf. 
Looking at screen solution is also important-1024*758- this what you need to look for. Smaller screen solution means worse reading. 
built-in lights- now e-readers offering them. Its good when you read at night, don't want to disturb others while sleeping-when you need to finish your book.
adl last but not least. You need to think what you will be using your reader for- there is plenty or reader on sale, which offering you wifi, access to facebook, twitter, internet. That means that instead of ebook reader you will buy tablet like thing. So i will sugest you to buy proper e-book reader. 
I tried kobo, nook and kindle-my heart it with kindle, but you need to choose your one by yourself.
hope that i helped you a bit.
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