How to buy goods from another country

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How to buy goods from another countrey

Ebay have so many goods from various contries and i have noticed while christmas is fast approaching it's easy to find cheap stocking fillers but their is lots to bare in mind when chosing these items.
Firstly, If your child is obsessed with Frozen or other characters and you do not want to pay Disney store prices it is possible to get a cheap alternative. For example, one elsa doll in the disney store cost £18 (And that is lucky if you can get hold of one) whereas on ebay from countries such as China or Hong kong you can get these for as little as £5 delivered, great if you don't mind waiting upto 30days.
Though the bargain you need to take into consideration the quality, the saying goes you get what you pay for- It's exactly that. Brill if it is just a phase of frozen or whatever your child is going through and you know in a few months time it wont be played with. It's likely to only last a few months anyway.
There is lots of items which we probably can't get hold of in the UK like pocket watches and other 'random' bits- Because every 5 year old needs a pocket watch don't they? But this is what children like and are interested in.
As i've mentioned delivery is not quick but if we order early enough and are organised people this doesn't really matter as long as we are aware and take it into thought when ordering.
If the item is a piece of clothing/pyjamas etc. Size is very different toours and where they state 4-5 Years i would suggest you look at this as a 3-4 and if you order a winter coat think of the quality of material and the fact it may not be so warm for winter more an autum coat. Again if your aware of this when ordering you should be happy with your item.
If you have a problem with your purchase and need to contact seller i recommend you write your email as simple as possible using no fancy words as they may struggle to understand. From experience they are usually very good in communicating and replying so we can understand also. They will solve an issue as much as a seller from the UK.
Each to their own but i would not be put off by sellers from Hong kong, China etc if you are happy to go into your purchase with an open mind.
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