How to buy on Ebay - properly

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Ebay was set up as an auction style internet site. 

As we all know, with auctions you should NEVER show your 'hand'/max bid amount until very near the end and you should be getting a bargain not something you can go and buy in the shops for about the same amount, once post and packaging are taken into account.  I get quite annoyed with the fact that this seems to have slipped everyones minds!

This makes it fairer to everyone rather than falsely pushing up the prices.  It is NO USE putting a bid on an item with MANY DAYS remaining to go, there will be someone (like me!) who puts it in 'Watched Items' and will outbid you in the last 30 seconds!! (Yes, I have done that too).

Please please please lets put Ebay back to what it originally was made for, to have some FUN!!

(Note - This does not apply to Buy-It-Now items)



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