How to buy quality web hosting on eBay

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Truth be told, buying web hosting through eBay doesn't have the best reputation. Many companies offer totally unrealistic offers (lifetime unlimited web hosting for just £2.99 - obviously too good to be true. 

Having just started selling web hosting and design services through eBay, I'm not trying to sell my services, but want to offer my knowledge of 8 years in the business why to pick wisely.

Don't get me wrong, there are good web hosts on eBay, and you can get some very good value packages. But most are simply oversold, shared servers which can mean your site is sharing it's server with thousands of other websites.

Watch out for ridiculous offers, even if they are very cheap or have what appears to be good feedback. Packages which offer one payment for life time are such packages, I would say avoid any packages longer than 2 years - how can sellers off support for 2 years and hosting starting for just £2.50...

Unlimited bandwidth is to be expected, most web hosts out there offer this now. Truth is my own sites and 50 clients sites do not use up more than 100GB bandwidth per month combined. If you offer video streaming or file sharing then this will go up very quickly, but I imagine most people looking on eBay for hosting will be looking for nothing more than a portfolio or info site, so don't be afraid to use a limited service, you can always swap when your site really takes over.

It's not easy picking a web host but go by these golden rules

- Never, ever use a "one payment for life time" hosting package
- If its too good to be true, it probably is
- Make sure you pay by PayPal for the first payment, that way your covered
- Pick a host which boasts about supporting their customers, even experienced people (including me) need support. The one plug I will make for my hosting is all of my hosting comes with reliable, honest and English based support from my team, access my support any time. (My hosting can be found here:  My eBay Web Hosting Shop)

Avoid listings with tacky listing images. In this day and age if someone selling a product like web design or web hosting, which could involve very complex support issues, can't get to grips with Photoshop or even a free version such as Gimp (try it, it's awesome for free!), enough to produce a decent image, well then they are working in the wrong industry. 

Look at the images below, who do you most want to be supporting you and your business?


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