How to buy the right size for a Steel Boned Corset

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Steel boned corsets are sized by your waist measurement in 2" increments, from 18 inches to 40 inches. This is the most important measurement as steel boned corsets are designed to pull your waist in. To obtain an accurate waist measurement you need to measure the smallest part of your waist, this is usually around the belly button area, with a tape measure

I advise you order a steel boned corset that is 4" smaller than your natural waist measurement. For example if you have a natural waist measurement of 32" you would order the 28" corset.  A 28" corset will go no smaller than 28" when the back panel meets, however this does not mean that you have to wear the garment this tightly. All steel boned corsets come with a 6" modesty panel so a 28" corset will open up to 34". You can then tension according to comfort or control.

If you are a regular corset wearer you may choose a corset that is 6-7” smaller than your natural waist measurement.

Authentic steel boned, waist training, punk, PVC and couture corsets are all cut so that the bust and hip measurement is 10” larger than the waist measurement. You can then choose to tighten or open the corset more or less around any region. Underbust corset are obviously a lot easier to size than overbust corsets as they do not have the bust measurement to worry about.

If you are busty you will find the Steel boned corsets will fit best. The Fashion corset will be suitable for lingerie but may not offer enough support if you want to wear it without a bra for a night out. If you are straighter in the body you will find the fashion corsets will be more suitable. Any of the steel boned underbust corsets will fit just fine.

Length is the most difficult aspect of sizing to get right. The reason for this is that 2 ladies that are both 5ft 6”tall can have totally different torso lengths. As a guide I say that: If you are 5ft 6" tall you are the perfect height for a corset, If you are under 5ft 2" tall look for a corset that is 14 1/2"in length or less and If you are over 5 ft 9" only look at the long lined corset. 16"+ in length will be best



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