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Perfect condition - DAB radio - brand new.
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Perfect condition - DAB radio - brand new.

The problem...

I was faced with the problem of buying a birthday gift for my ex-husband in a limited space of time. Don't ask me the reasoning behind it but it was what I had to do. I decided that something impersonal but useful would be the kind of message I wanted to send out.
Then, I remembered that he always listened to the radio whilst working. A brand new DAB radio would be perfect. Of course, I knew the prices and wasn't overly keen to make such a dent to me credit card balance.
This is where eBay comes in. I searched brand new DAB radios and looked only for "Buy it now" because I didn't have time to bid.
Almost immediately, I came up with a brand new Argos value range DAB radio in intact packaging, never-used. Bingo!!!
I placed my order straight away and left a message with the seller to please ensure that I received the parcel by a specific date as it was a birthday gift.
Hey presto, two days prior to the giving of the gift, it was sitting in my house, beautifully wrapped and looking like it came straight from the store.
It really couldn't have gone any smoother.
And, of course, I have BzzAgent to thank for introducing me to the wonderful and helpful world of eBay guides!
Smiley faces all round!
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