How to buy your first central heating radiators

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mirror radiators

Radiator Buying Guide

1. What should you consider before buying radiators?

Before making a purchase, we recommend you to check the outputs required for your room and identify the location so as to choose the right size and color to match your room.

2. What is BTU and how to calculate?

BTU= British Thermal Unit 

A British thermal Unit is the standard measurement of heat output. A single BTU is the amount of heat energy needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. Usually, the formula to calculate the average BTU required for a room is: multiply the width x length x height (in feet) of the room then multiply this figure by four. But the factors such as the level of insulation, the number of window openings, etc. can impact on this calculation. So the best way to work out is to make use of an online BTU calculator (use a search engine) or seek advice from a professional plumber.

3. Where to locate your radiator?

Nowadays, with modern-day double glazing and insulation levels, you have the freedom to position you radiators wherever you like rather than only beneath the windows in the past, but it will be best to keep your radiators away from large items like furniture, curtains etc so as to allow the warmer air to permeate the room easier.

4. What kind of radiators should you choose?

Usually, vertical radiators can save space while horizontal radiators can release optimum heat output with large surface. Traditional radiators can revoke a bygone era feeling. All of our radiators are suitable for placing in living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom etc. Just choose the right one to suit your interior design ideas.
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