How to cast a metal miniature.

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Introduction to your new Hobby.

Casting metal figures at home can be an extremely rewarding hobby but because it is unlike any other hobby it can take a few minutes to get up to speed on how to do it correctly.
  • It is important to make sure your moulds are dry and warm before you start.
  • Apply the release agent to both sides of the moulds in a thin layer.
  • Clap both sides together a few times to remove excess powder.
  • Add the two support boards to the assembled mould with the rough side against the mould.
  • Add the two clamps to the mould to hold it together.
  • Melt the metal in the ladle on a hotplate and wait until it is completely liquid.
  • Test with a small wooden stick to see if the metal is hot enough. If a light smoke comes from the wood then the metal is ready to pour.
  • Push away any dross (waste) away from the pouring side of the ladle.
  • Move the ladle over to the mould and rest it on the edge of the mould and pour it into the hole smoothly until it is completely filled right to the top. Tap the mould carefully to help settle the metal.
  • Wait for five minutes for the metal to set. Even at this stage the metal will be hot to touch so care needs to be taken when handling it. Never cool with water.
  • Disassemble the mould carefully and flex the mould slightly to help remove the casting.
  • Brush the powder off the casting and polish it to a shine with a stiff brush.
  • Before painting the figure, apply a primer to the surface first.
  • Clean the mould before storing it in a dark warm place. Excess metal can be remelted and stored separately.
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