How to change replace a watch battery.

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I don't reccomend this to amateurs.
Nevertheless you can change the battery of your watch on your own.
The tools are the 50% of the work.
The rest it depend from your patience.


1.If you own a ROLEX quartz,don't do it.Most ROLEX dealers,change the battery for free.Ask your local.Also,ROLEX back cases has a unique way to open and a special tool is required.

2.If you have a divers watch with a screw type crown and 200m or 20atm,you must know that this watch after opening needs a water resistant proof test.So,it is better for divers watches to replace the battery a specialist.

3.Pay attention to the don't word in the guide.

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Be a watchmaker

Some things you must know.

Whatever you touch with your hands will become rusty sometime,because our hands have moisture.

Don't breath close & directly to the watch movement for the same reasons.

Don't touch the battery with your hands but with a brass or plastic tweezer.You can use the thin hospital gloves,it's easier to do the replacement.

Don't use knives,screwdrivers or scissors.Use the appropriate tools.

For some reasons you think that your watch need a new battery but there are other mulfanctions that exist.So,maybe it won't need a battery.There is a pulse test tool for this reason.


Thease are a case opener for screw type backs or snap backs.

A watch case holder.

A small watchmakers screwdriver.

An eye loop 10X or 3 & a half inc.

A brass or plastic tweezer or hospital gloves.The gloves are preferable because you can touch everything.

The battery!!!!!!!!After you open the watch case,you'll see the old battery that writes the number on it.Some watch cases on the back have written the battery number or the movement caliber & you can buy the battery before open the watch using this information.


If your watch is a screw type back case,it's better to put it in the holder to hold it very firmly.The back of your watch has some slots round,square etc.You adjust the tool jaws so the male tips of the tool gets into the female slots.Grasp firmly the tool & the holder & twist both hands.This will unscrew the bach.If the back is loose enough,then rotate the back with your fingers.Enough pressure,small movements is the key for success.If you have an older watch that you don't need,make a lot of practise on it.You will feel more comfortable when you will start with your new watch.With the same way,you will close the watch.First with your fingers & when you cannot screw any more use the tool with pressure making approx half turn.If you screw more than it needs you may destroy the threads or the tool will slip from the back & will harm your hand and the watch.

If your watch is a snap type back case,you don't need the holder.See very carefully between the back & the case to find a lip.This is the place you'll put the tip of the tool.Many watch cases have no lip.In this situation use the tool on the other side of the crown,near the lugs.Grasp the watch with one hand & place the edge of the tool there with the other hand.Don't be rush,don't force,don't put strength.Imagine that the tool slips & scrats badly the back or cuts your hand.Just let it there & feel it.Is it in the right place?is it inside the lip?Move it a little & feel it,it's inside the lip?Feel it that it's in the space between the back & the case.Now do this again with a little more energy making a left-right movement with your hand.Remember,only micrometric movements.Don't force the tool because if the back opens,you'll loose the control of it & the tool will slip to the other side like a flash cutting whatever it's in his way.I cannot pass this feeling to you.You can buy this feeling only with practise.So,if you have an older watch,make a lot of practise there & you'll be more comfortable then.Remember,static force & twist left-right until you hear the pop of.

The SWATCH watches have a different way to open.You only need a coin to unscrew the back & see only the battery.

Now you can see the mechanism of the watch & the old battery.A metal spring or something else,keeps the battery in his place.See very carefully first what you need to do & then do it.In some case,you just push this metal on the side with your brass or plastic tweezer,releasing that way one side of the battery.

Then it is easy to remove it.When you place the new one,remember to do the same steps & to put the + of the battery upwards.In other cases,there is a metal that holds the batery with a screw.You have to unscrew it a little,releasing that way the metal from the battery.In all the cases,you must examine very carefully first & then when you'll know what to do,procced.Remember,we don't touch anything with bear hands.We don't touch any other part in the mechanism.Replace the new battery remembering the steps you've done,with the + upwards.

The closing of some backs are difficult.Examine for once more the back.See if it has a cut somewhere which means that this cut goes to the stem side.It embraces the stem.The stem is the crown's axle.A good practise is to mark with a pencil a line to the case & the back before open it.After,put the back to make a straight line with the case.For some watch cases the closing is an easy thing.Put the back as we said,hold it firmly & turn the watch with his dial up.Leave the watch down in a wooden surface & give a good pressure with your fingers pressing the bezel & not the glass.This will close the watch case.If this isn't happens,release it & start the procedure from the beginning.Remember,don't give the pressure on the glass.Some watch cases has the tendency not to close.These cases needs a closing tool,but we don't have one.So,try harder & give the pressure on the bezel only.I usually close these cases with very pressure & when the watch snaps my first thinking is that i broke the glass or something else.


Some watches needs to make a bridge with a steel tweezer touching the + of the battery & a spot in the mechanism.This usually is written on the inside of the back case.

If you wear more that one watch,pull out the crown fully of the watches you don't wear.This will stop the mechanism & will not discharge the battery.Remember when you'll wear them again,to put the hands in right time & to close the crown.

As i said,use older watches that you don't need any more & make a lot of practise.The unknown is always a reason for fear.If you're a type of stressfull,don't try anything.Nevertheless,if you give a try & you realize that you exceed your limits,take the parts of the watch as is & go to a repairer to finish the work.

Remember that it's easy to break something,we don't force anything.

I recommend all the readers,not to change the battery alone.If something goes wrong,don't blame me.

Thank you.

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