How to check water softener after installation guide

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If your water is still hard after you installed water softener then there are 4 things that you should check:

1. Check if the bypass valves are opened. If they are closed the water softener will be bypassed and you still get hard water. Use the supplied tool to turn the red bypass valves fully clockwise. They should be parallel to each other to be opened:

2. On the metered units check if the meter cable is in place. It should be plugged in firmly in to the socket. It should be inserted with the click and it only fits one way:

3. Check the water flow direction on the bypass assembly. Make sure that your water is flowing in the same direction. Each side of the assembly there is an arrow to indicate water flow direction:

4. Check the mixing valve (On selected units only). The mixing valve is an option on some controlled valves, it may not be on your unit. If your water softener has mixing valve, turn it on fully anticlockwise otherwise your unit will not produce soft water:

This video will show you how to do these 4 checks:
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