How to choose DVD player?

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There is compatible and many every kind of DVD form
How to choose DVD player?

One DVD which reads one with many form , hope that any CD can be read out on your DVD plane , can broadcast out on TV but needn't sit in front of the computer seeing the small screen .

No kinds of DVD possess the function of reading all forms at present.
Various kinds of forms and each one either are daily .
So had better choose according to one's own demand when buy DVD,
Otherwise just waste.

Say these forms that DVD can be read first :
MPEG1 , MPEG2 , MPEG4 , EVD special-purpose form , HDV special-purpose form and FLASH are all forms of audio frequency and video;
MP3 , WMA , CD sound rail , MIDI , HDCD ,etc. are all forms of audio frequency;
KPG , JPEG ,etc. are the form of the picture . Can a compatible one EVD special-purpose form all among form these,
HDV special-purpose form and FLASH and MIDI form . First two kinds are special-purpose form of the producer, or high clear form or compressing the form high, whether choose to want oneself to decide.
FLASH and MIDI form are open cartoon and audio frequency form , usually come to speak FLASH works without long space to make use of DVD CD to publish and issue,
We seldom have an opportunity to really carve short a works into one and go up to outer room TV and watch by oneself too.
Is it is it uncertain others house have similar equipment too , so such a leading one read form meaningful to everybody to propagate to used for.

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