How to choose a Massage Table or Therapist Beauty Couch

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BodyCraftWarehouse have been in the portable Massage Table and Therapist Beauty Couch market for many years and we'd like to share some hints and tips when buying your new couch.

You are going to have your couch for many years so you need to look for a couch that will suit your present needs, but also future needs...

Before making a decision on what type of  portable Massage Table or Therapist Beauty Couch to buy, ask yourself the following:

  1. Do I intend using the couch for various therapies or intend to study other treatments in the future?  If you intend using the couch for different therapies, then a couch with an adjustable backrest and adjustable height is the most versatile.
  2. Do my clients need to be able to sit up?  If yes, then you will need a couch with an adjustable backrest. Remember there are some client who are not able to lie flat and are more comfortable being slightly raised.  If not, then a flat couch will be suitable.
  3. Am I the only Therapist using the couch or is it going to be shared amongst a number of Therapists?  If the couch is going to be shared amongst students in a college or therapists in a Salon or Clinic, then a height adjustable couch is a MUST - the height on our couch can be adjusted to suit therapists of different heights.


Our portable couches have a lifting backrest with a ratchet system allowing the backrest to be placed at many different heights. Our couches are also height adjustable - while the couch is on its side, adjust the height by using a spring clip mechanism on each leg - fast, simple and effective. Check out our eBay Shop to see our products - bodycraftwarehouse

We hope our guide has answered some of your questions.

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