How to choose a Total Enclosure Mattress Protector or Cover

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How to choose a Total Enclosure Mattress Protector or Cover in the UK
Most mattress covers are of the fitted sheet variety with an elasticated skirt only covering the top and part of the sides of your mattress . A total enclosure mattress protector or cover, also known as a mattress encasement, is like a large pillowcase totally enveloping your mattress top, bottom and sides. 
Normal protectors can have a tendency to 'ping off' when you turn in the bed along with your bottom sheet. Unless you get out of bed and fit them back in place straight away your mattress will be open to the elements and dust along with your bodily fluids such as perspiration and will be afforded no protection at all. This is why total enclosure covers are such a good idea: it is almost impossible for the normal sleeper to completely dislodge it thus the mattress remains covered all night.
UK buyers sometimes forget that one double mattress is not necessarily the same size as another double mattress. Over the past few years there has been an increasing influx of European and American sizes to the marketplace and higher demand for luxury products has brought about thicker and thicker mattresses. So you must first measure your mattress length and width and include the depth because your mattress may be deeper than standard. A standard UK mattress is about 6"  (15cm) deep and can go up to as much as 16" (40cm).
To ensure that you choose the perfect protector b  e sure you know what you want to achieve from the mattress cover / protector you buy. For instance:
  1. Does it need to hide the mattress completely? e.g. to cover existing stains
  2. Should it be machine washable? 
  3. Must it be anti-allergenic? 
  4. Do you expect the cover to give you noticeably extra comfort? If so, then you need a topper or a new mattress and not a cover
  5. Do you wish to protect against dust mites and/or bed bugs? Then your protector will need a special zip closure
  6. Do you need fully waterproof for incontinence or bedwetting? n.b. check it will truly protect your mattress from acidic fluids over many hours
  7. Or will water resistant be sufficient? i.e. only short-term spills are likely to occur and they will be mopped up quickly
  8. Should it be breathable and as silent as possible in use? n.b. an important question if noise or crinkling would affect your rest
  9. Is this to be a short-term fix? i.e. you need not spend much
  10. Or do you wish this to be a long-term investment?  In which case you should spend as much as you can afford
We hope you find what you are looking for and if you need inspiration take a look at the following four choices of total enclosure mattress covers in sizes ranging from single and small double to superking:
Total Enclosure Zip-on Mattress Protector Stretch Easy Fit Washable All Sizes 251338614891
EVA DRY Mattress Protectors 100% Waterproof Guaranteed Total Enclosure Cover 251357342092
Luxury Total Enclosure Zip-On Mattress Protector Anti Allergy Waterproof 221216011207
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