How to choose a fragrance

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I always find that there are certain fragrances, whether it be perfume or aftershave, that I always wonder if I should buy or not but then I decide not to because I am unsure about what it may smell like.

The solution

I found the best way to decide if a fragrance is suitable for me (or as a gift for others) is to first find a fragrance that I already use or know what it smells like. Then you need to do some quick research on that particular fragrance to get an idea of what the 'notes' of the fragrance are. Now these are categorised in a few different ways including top notes, mid notes, and low notes.

Each note will give the fragrance a particular type of smell, and once you are familiar with the ones that are particular to your fragrance and liking then all you have to do is make sure those 'notes', or a variation of those 'notes' are present in the fragrance you are looking to buy.

Likewise if you are looking to buy fragrance for others, just find out what they usually use and then do a quick search as mentioned above, and again you will have the 'notes' that will enable you to find a fragrance that the person is more likely to like than if you chose it randomly.


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