How to choose a full lace wig that is right for you

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Which Lace Wig Hair Texture Is Right For You?

Anyone who has tried lace wigs will agree that they are the best invention to ever hit the hair replacement and hair extensions market. Their versatility is unsurpassed, and the possibilities are endless. However, newbies to the lace wig world can quickly feel overwhelmed - with such a large array of hair textures available, it can be overwhelming to choose between them. Which texture you opt for depends on your priorities when it comes to wearing lace wigs.

High quality full lace wigs are made from Remy hair (usually Indian or Chinese, although sometimes Malaysian, Mongolian, Brazilian or European hair is used). Remy means that the hair cuticles have been left intact and are all aligned in the same direction, which makes this type of hair resistant to tangling and extremely durable. However, unless you opt for Virgin hair, all Remy hair has been processed (usually through a perming process) to resemble certain types of hair textures. Before you choose a texture, you should determine what your goals are.

If your goal is to make it look REAL:

Then you should choose a texture that most closely matches your own hair.

Silky Straight is exactly as the term implies - straight, silky, smooth and shiny. It resembles many European hair textures. Indian Remy silky straight hair dries with a slight wave after washing, while Chinese Remy silky straight remains straighter, but is slightly coarser than Indian Remy hair. Choose a silky straight texture if your natural hair is very silky, shiny and straight.

Light Yaki is straight hair without the silky shine. Choose this texture if your natural hair is wavy or loose curly and you straighten or relax it regularly. Light yaki texture looks like wavy or loose curly hair that has been straightened/relaxed.

Yaki is slightly coarser than light yaki. This texture resembles tight curly, slightly coarse hair which has been straightened or relaxed. If your natural hair is very curly and highly textured, you should opt for yaki.

AA Relaxed Texture resembles Afro hair (types 4a and 4b) which has been relaxed or hot-pressed. You should choose this texture if your own hair is of a coarse Afro texture and you relax or press it. This texture of hair dries straight after washing.

Kinky Straight looks like natural Afro hair which has been blow-dried straight. Many will remember Rudy Huxtable from the Cosby Show - this is the exact same texture of her hair. Choose this hair texture if your hair is natural and chemical-free and if you like the blow-dried straight look.

If you like full, thick hair:

Although the vast majority of stock units are light to medium or medium density, you will find that Bodywave, Kinky Straight, Brazilian Curl or Natural Curl textures have the most body and volume. Alternatively, you may want to order a custom-made wig and ask for a higher density.

If you like hair that is low maintenance and easy manageability:

Although all lace wig textures require proper maintenance and care, Indian Virgin Remy and Chinese Virgin Remy hair require less  maintenance than other textures, because these types of hair have not been processed in any way - they have neither been coloured nor permed. Therefore, these hair types are of the best quality and require less maintenance than the processed hair textures. However, be aware that Virgin hair is rather silky and shiny - if you are going for realism and your natural hair is not silky and shiny, then Virgin hair may not be the right hair for you! Please note that this is only a rough guide and variations in texture are normal. Hair textures will vary with different sellers. Also, it is important to remember that each lace wig is skilfully made in hours of hard manual labour, and therefore each lace wig is unique.

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